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Annalie's Fine Art Gallery provides our clients with ready to display fine art works by celebrated and master artists in newly created frames.  Our custom designed frames are carefully selected by certified framers who are themselves artists trained in North America and Europe.

Each work of art is first analyzed, technically assessing the materials used by the artist to create the image.  Mid-19th century paper and inks are significantly variable and quite different from those in the 20th century. Wove and laid paper stock also varies in color, thickness and condition. The opacity or transparency of the paper the artist used is critical since the color of the backing material transmitted through to the intaglio print will affect the "temperature" of the image when viewed rendering an image cold, neutral or warm.  In the case of the ink used, for example, there are more than twenty-five different "black" inks. Etching, drypoint, soft-ground etching, aquatint, engraving and lithography all employ distinguishing intaglio printmaking techniques that must be taken into consideration in selecting the materials used to display a fine art work on paper.

Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874-1936) stated "art is limitation;  the essence of every picture is the frame." It is Annalie's intent to present each fine art work framed in such a manner as to obviate Chesterton's observation.  Until the second quarter of the 20th century, the great majority of picture frames were gilded; since then, painted, raw wood and metal frames have been used. It is the intent of Annalie's staff and master framers to render each work of art in a frame consistent with the time, place and subject presented.

Only the finest archival matting and protective materials are used at Annalie's. Our frames are of the highest gallery or museum quality construction featuring a wide range of materials, such as mahogany and rosewood inlays, finished in a natural sgraffito or gilded. Our frames are intended to be an extension of the art work bringing harmony and balance to the subject whether it be representational or non-representational fine art works on paper.

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For questions or comments, please contact Annalie's at 1-831-425-0554, or by E-mail.